Thursday, December 8, 2011

Multi Level Marketing Secret - How Important Is The Relationship?

In our lifetime we will have many, many, relationships with those around us and those we come in contact with in the future. Some of these relationships are temporary and may be all that is needed at the time.

There will be life long relationships and those are the kind that we will have to work very hard to retain. These relationships will be between close friends, partners, husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents and their children. These relationships need constant work which will involve sacrifices and compromises. Sometimes it will require us to move out of our comfort zone so that we can maintain the relationship. The point here is that it is by choice whether we will do what is necessary to maintain the relationship. The closest relationships fall into this category.

Some relationships will bring times of joy, mediocrity and much sorrow. I consider these to be the test to the strength of the relationship and whether it can weather the storm. If the relationship is strong and true it will pass the test and become stronger. True relationships will always remain because both parties are willing to forgive and forget even when they have been injured.

Relationships that are not in the category of strong and true tend to fade away over a period of time or an event that either party is unwilling to resolve. The relationship in these cases was not regarded to important enough to fix. It was determined that the relationship was not needed and one or both parties could do without it. Point here is that it comes down to a choice - personal choice.

In Corporate America the word relationship tends to have a different meaning. We are friends and I will work well with others until I feel I need to step on them to move my career to the next level. I have seen those that were the best of friends become strangers or even enemies because one stepped on the other on the way up the corporate ladder. Thoughts of friendship now turn to I am over you, therefore I am superior to you, so watch out. Seems one of the parties has forgotten where they came from and just casually tossed the relationship away because it was no longer beneficial to maintain. Some of the best and conscientious employees are lost because of this behavior.

If you are in multi level marketing the word: relationship had better take on a different meaning for you if you wish to succeed. There are two relationships involved. There is the relationship that you need to build with those buying your products and services and the second is the relationship you are building with those you are introducing your business opportunity to.

The customer relationship is an individual relationship which you will build into a know, like and trust relationship. This will involve making sure you deliver on your promises of providing a great product in a timely manner. When something does go wrong you need to ensure the relationship by getting involved and help in the process of making things right for your customer. You may need to call the company to inquire what went wrong and work out a plan to make it right. Do not leave your customer hanging or they will lose confidence in you and your company's promise to deliver the product or service. Your customer needs to see you being proactive on their behalf, as it shows them they are in good hands. The fastest way to lose the relationship is to ignore your customer and leave the impression you do not care what happens as long as you get your commission check. Your customers need to know you appreciate doing business with them and you are there for them when the need arises.

The relationship between you and your team is vital for retention of your downline. When you bring your new business partner into your business your relationship should have already reached the know, like and trust relationship. Now you need to let the relationship grow to the next level which means giving more of your valuable time to train them to duplicate the same procedure you have used. The relationship needs to have that open door policy on your part. I am not saying that you need to drop what you are doing that moment but use a protocol that will work to let them know that you will be with them when you are finished with your present task. The relationship will require you to be there for each of your team members when the time arises. You may need to answer the same question or show the same method a number of times before they have learned it. The relationship will require patience and respect for your new business partner. Remember you were where they are now when you first began your venture into online marketing and your mentor took the time to teach you. The relationship you build with your team members can be cultivated into a real friendship that will ensure a successful business venture. If something were to happen to the company you are in, your team will follow you to a new company as long as the relationship is real and strong and if you have been a great leader.

If you do not believe in the relationship approach you are in the wrong business of MLM/Network Marketing. This industry is a relationship driven industry, so be prepared to build relationships and you will begin to magnetically attract others of the same mindset as you. The relationship is key and vital to your success.

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