Monday, December 5, 2011

The Five Attributes of a Great Relationship

It really does not matter whether you are talking about a business relationship, a friendship or an intimate relationship. You really need to consider these five attributes and make sure that your relationship meets them.

The more casual you enter into relationships, the more difficult it will be to invest the time and energy to build a strong lasting one. If you are quick to enter into a relationship, you will not be careful about making sure the relationship has legs to grow. And for each failed relationship you experience, you will become more cautious and developing really strong ones. You begin to doubt the other person and look for signs that the relationship is not going to work.

The point is to be very slow to enter into relationships. Limit the number that you enter into. Know that the quality of a relationship is far more important than the quantity of relationships you have.

Mutually enjoy each other's company

It is foolish to enter into a relationship with anyone - business, personal or intimate - where there is no mutual enjoyment of each other's company. You must enjoy being with another person for you to enter into a relationship with them. Your enjoyment should be well rounded. Do not be pulled into a relationship where you find pleasure or satisfaction in one limited area but frustration in other areas. If you have to work hard at the relationship, then something is amiss and you need to be honest about it.

Mutual respect

No relationship is going to grow and/or last without mutual respect. This is so important but most people overlook this. If you do not respect the other person, why would you want to be in a relationship with them? Likewise, if they do not respect you, why would you choose to be in a relationship with them?

Respect means many things. Respecting your time, your values, you. It is absolutely necessary for a successful relationship.

Shared Experiences

One of the joys of a relationship are shared experiences. This is part of the glue that holds things together. You need to have gone through some experiences together to make the relationship meaningful. The more shared experiences you have, the stronger the bonds will become.


For any relationship to work on a long-term basis there must be reciprocity. Of course, any relationship is not totally equal. There will always be an ebb and flow in a relationship. But unless a relationship approaches something near equality, it will fail.

If you are giving more than you gain from a relationship, eventually you will tire of the inequality. ON the other hand, if you are receiving more than you put into a relationship your partner will grow weary and break it off or at least withdraw to the point where it is in balance.

Be careful to monitor the relationship and make sure it is in balance. Once it becomes obvious it may be too late. The damage will already be done.


Do you trust your relationship partner to look out for your best interest? Can you count on them to be there for you when you need them?

We often think of trust in terms of an intimate relationship. All long-term relationships must be built on a solid foundation of trust. Without trust there is no foundation for the future. Without foundation, the relationship is doomed to fail.

Look for and foster these five attributes in your relationships to keep them strong and healthy.


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