Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Relationships - 3 New Ways To Form Loving New Relationships That Last Forever

New relationships are so full of potential and promise. 'Could this be the one?' you ask yourself, barely daring to believe that it is possible. Perhaps your past is littered with failed relationships and you are seeking a fresh start. Or maybe you are just starting out on a serious quest to exit the singleton life and find a new relationship. What can you do to ensure that your relationship grows and develops into something wonderful, passionate, intimate and love-filled? Here are 3 tips to create blissful new relationships in a state of eternal love that will last a lifetime....

1. Facts about forming new relationships

Whether you are seeking a new relationship or have embarked on a new relationship with someone, know that you are in a very powerful position to influence your future. What you do now could determine whether this relationship crashes and burns or takes off and soars into a bright future. Set the intention from the outset that you are committed to having a relationships based on love, respect and affection. Get clear and specific on what you want from your relationship -- and by that I mean the emotional tone and day-to-day content of the relationship that you want. Acknowledge your creative power. What will you be doing every day to ensure that your new relationship continues to grow in love? Relationships are made by choices and actions. If you leave it to chance, chance is it will fail. Put your love into it.

2. New relationships and intimacy

Intimacy can be awkward when you are in the initial stages of a new relationship. Perhaps you are inexperienced or you've been hurt or you have certain beliefs that make you uncomfortable with being intimate. I think it's important to relax into your own power and experience the real juice of life, which is your life force within. You would be shocked to realize just how powerful a being you are. Start to become a little more flexible in your mindset, allowing for the possibility that life can be richer and more interesting than you thought. Observe yourself, watch and learn how your mind and thoughts work. Take a back seat and be like a witness to what's going on within you. As you become more aware and intimate with yourself and how you work, your comfort level with intimacy in your new relationships will increase. Self-knowledge eliminates much of the learned fear that typically inhibits intimacy. With greater self-knowledge, you will find that the borders between your self and the other person don't seem so important ... or even real. Love flourishes in that climate.

3. Ideas for new relationships

Embark on new relationships as though they will last forever. Thinking of this new partner as someone who will be there throughout your life, does a number of things. It will make you regard him or her as even more important and worthy of respect... so you will unconsciously treat them better and your relationship will flourish even more. Your relationship will seem to accelerate and take on a life of its own as you embrace the idea that it is your destiny to be together. You will stop looking around for any one better... this is one of the biggest hindrances to the development of new relationships. You have to get out of the mindset of playing the field and commit to creating something special with one person. You're going for a work of art here not a one night stand. No person is perfect but in a climate of love and acceptance almost any person can be perfect for you.

New relationship advice

When you are starting out in any activity it pays to learn what you need to know from someone who has already mastered that activity. It's no different with relationships. If you want to create a blissful relationship, you should find mentors in the form of couples who are already enjoying happy marriages or long-lasting love-filled relationships. Do what they do. Learn from them. Avoid doing the things that couples do in disaster relationships. It's that simple. Follow this advice and you will create something magical and wonderful from your new relationships.

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Copyright 2007 Anne Amore ~ May you be now and forever blessed with love... and so it is.

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