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Healthy Relationships - Finding the True Meaning of Your Relationships

Everybody's busy. Life is demanding. There isn't enough time in the day . . .

so it's easy to understand why people neglect their relationships and fail to give them the attention and love they need.

Why It's So Easy To Neglect Relationships

1. We're too busy to deal with them (until we need something from someone)

2. We tell ourselves we'll do it later -- we'll call, stop by or write . . . (but we may not get around to it)

3. We are up to our eyeballs in the confusing clutter of demands, obligations and responsibilities

4. We are workaholics (or addicted in other ways)

5. We are independent individuals who feel we need no help, other than the company of a few select persons or resources

6. We think we have better things to do

7. We may believe that no one deserves us

8. We think our relationships will always be there

9. We assign a low priority to our relationships because they are unexciting

10. We sometimes avoid relationships because they are complicated, demanding or conflicted

I'll stop here because I'm sure you get the picture.

A True Story

For the purposes of this article, I'll make this brief . . . a few years ago I suffered a near death experience (NDE). An experience unlike any other of my life.

They called my family in from all over, thinking I was not going to make it. So my family hopped on airplanes and flew to the hospital where I was a patient, hoping to get there in time . . . to see me one last time.

But somehow . . . I survived. Oh, everyone said I was going to die, and should have died, but I had the great fortune of living.

I spent the next two weeks in the hospital, much of that time in two intensive care units. When I regained consciousness and overcame paralysis, I saw my entire family standing around my hospital bed. I had not seen some members of my family for years. I had not always been that close to every one of them.

Yet, I was not only over-joyed at the mere sight of them, but I felt as though I was floating on air, lifted above my nearly lifeless body by their combined love.

Suddenly I felt complete and abiding love for each person in my family, regardless of past troubles, separations or disagreements. In those precious moments after my NDE, I saw the truth about relationships -- a truth I had never seen. I found that truth overwhelming and, in some ways, mind-boggling . . .

in a nutshell,

the truth about relationships is . . .

our relationships are a hundred times more important than we realize.

Now, I must admit, there was a time in my life when I would have laughed at that statement! No, I didn't need my relationships, I was strong and fiercely independent.

Now, after surviving two skirmishes with death, and after finding myself face-to-face with realities few ever live to tell about, I doubt that statement could be more true . . .

unless, of course, I were to amend it as follows:

Our relationships are a thousand times more important than we realize! Yes, I said a thousand, and I did not intend it as metaphorical.

What Does This Mean To You And What Can You Do Right Now?

You needn't wait for your own NDE to uncover the truth about relationships. After all, only about 5% of the population seems to have NDEs. But you can learn from the experiences of others.

Humbly, I ask you to:

-- Take an inventory of your relationships, and ask yourself if you have taken any for granted. If so, take immediate steps to put those relationships on the front burner.

-- Stop and reflect on the many ways your relationships have influenced and supported, nourished and protected you . . . and make a concerted effort to nourish the relationships in your life more.

-- Realize you can't possibly count all the people who have helped you throughout the years. How many can you help now?

-- Think about ways to honor the people in your life, and find ways to invest more time and energy in your relationships.

-- Make every effort to conduct healthy relationships that work for both persons involved -- relationships that will reward you many times over and bring you much love and happiness.

-- Prize your family relationships. They are one of a kind. And there is no replacement for them. Give what you can to them . . . now.

In so many ways, before my NDE, I believe I was reluctant and sometimes afraid to conduct great relationships. When the veil of fear was removed, and I felt a newfound courage to love others as never before, my relationships made terrific strides forward.

By giving a laser focus to my relationships, new avenues for happiness and joy have opened up in my life. And I believe the same will happen for you, if you stop to reflect on the awe-inspiring power of relationships.

A Surefire Prescription For Living

I'm not big on prescriptions and formulas, but . . .

I'm certain this one will work!

Just live your life in such a way that you never neglect a single relationship . . . and you will become enormously wealthy. And you will measure your wealth in priceless terms.

Richard Hamon is a dynamic coach and therapist with 30 years of professional experience. Richard helps people to solve their relationship problems, enjoy truly extraordinary marriages and find exceptional success in all areas of their lives.

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