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Why Not Take The Relationship Quiz Now?

Why not take the following quiz and ask a person you are in a relationship with to take it also. It will give you and them an idea of your mutual understanding and application of some of the critical issues, concepts and techniques that have an impact on the quality of relationships.

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1. The three keys to effective relationships are________________________________________


2. One of the biggest causes of relationship failure is poor communication. True/False.

3. You can spend your entire life with someone and still not really know them. True/False.

4. Everyone has behavior that someone else believes they should change. True/False.

5. Faults are not negative but another person's _______________________________________

6. Old emotional baggage can sabotage a relationship. True/False.

7. You are responsible to people but not____________________________ them.

8. Invalidators in a relationship___________________________________________________

9. Conflict in a relation can be positive. True/False.

10. Forgiveness is all about letting the other person of the hook. for their actions. True/False.

11. People know what you want and need without telling them. True/False.

12. Self-disclosure is: positive - negative in a relationship.

13. Unrealized expectations of others is a major issue in poor relationships. True/False.

14. One of the best ways you can tell another person you care is to_______________________

15. Your ability to love others is directly related to your self-love. True/False.

16. Psychological projection in a relationship is when__________________________________


17. It is important to stay focused in the __________________________ in a relationship.

18. In relationships you have three choices when you don't like something. These are:


19. People change when they are ready to not when you think they should. True/False.

20. The four T's in positive relationships are_________________________________________


21. Dealing in anger, blame, guilt and resentment are signs of poor _______________________

22. All relationships are either getting better or getting worse. True/False.

23. An anchor in a relationships is when a person_____________________________________

24. You can tell what a person's unconscious intent is by observing their__________________

25. Arguments can be a positive relationship activity. True/False/It depends.

26. It is important in a relationship to focus on________________________________________

27. Expressing your true feelings is a positive thing. True/False.

28. You should always tell the complete truth in a relationship. True/False/It depends.

29. A persons non-verbal signals are more accurate than the words they use. True/False.

30. Sooner or later everyone needs to settle for something in a relationship. True/False.

31. All romantic relationships require friendship to be successful. True/False.

32. Hidden agendas don't really harm a relationship. True/False.

33. Closeness in a relationship is when you are physically close. True/False.

34. Intimacy in a relationship is when______________________________________________

35. Passion is a necessary ingredient in a positive relationship. True/False.

36. Common goals in a relationship make it easier to__________________________________

37. The couple that has common interests will always last. True/False

38. A sure sign a relationship is failing when_________________________________________

39. People are attracted to their opposites because_____________________________________

40. A lack of commitment in a relationship will cause__________________________________

41. The two biggest single issues in a positive relationship are___________________________

42. A safe relationship is when a person can be_______________________________________

43. Presents can make up for a lack of presence. True/False.

44. There are two types of people in relationships: Givers and takers. True/False.

45. Unconditional love means_____________________________________________________

46. The two most important words a person can say in a relationship are___________________

47. The three most important words a person can say in a relationship are__________________


48. Counseling can be a positive tool in a relationship when_____________________________


49. A satisfying relationship is one where___________________________________________


50. The one thing many people in relationships wish others would do is___________________


50 correct answers..........You should be giving the test.

45-50 correct answers..........You understand the basics of effective relationships.

40-45 correct answers..........You know the rules, but do you practice them regularly?

35-40 correct answers..........You have a lot of relationship stress and frustration.

30-35 correct answers...........Get yourself and your partner in counseling, soon.

30 or less correct answers......You are in big trouble consider becoming a hermit.

Correct Answers: Relationship Quiz

Keep in mind that the answers to several of the questions are subjective. In many cases there is no right or wrong answer only - a best or better answer. This quiz is not designed to give you an in-depth explanation for each answer but rather to stimulate your thinking. With this in mind let's take a look at what I believe - are some of the vital issues that impact the quality of relationships and ultimate relationship satisfaction.

1. Trust, respect and acceptance.

2. True.

3. True.

4. True.

5. Perceptions or interpretation of behavior.

6. True.

7. For.

8. Interrupt, don't listen, say things like you should, you always, you never; are late a lot.

9. True.

10. False.

11. False.

12. Positive.

13. True.

14. Listen to them.

15. True.

16. One person sees their own faults or issues as belonging to the other person.

17. Present.

18. 1. Change it or the other person. 2. Accept it or the other person, 3. Leave.

19. True.

20. Touch, talk, time and trust.

21. Emotional maturity.

22. True.

23. Attaches some positive or negative message to a physical act, like holding hands means I

Love You.

24. Behavior.

25. It depends.

26. What is working not what isn't working.

27. True.

28. It depends.

29. True.

30. True.

31. True.

32. False.

33. False.

34. You have total acceptance, unconditional love and the relationship is safe.

35. True.

36. Work together in life, have mutual interests and help and support each other.

37. False.

38. People withdraw, stop communicating, lose trust, lose respect, don't care anymore about


39. They see them as making up for those qualities they lack and desire to have.

40. People to leave at the first sign of trouble.

41. Trust and acceptance.

42. Honest with feelings, attitudes, fears without fear of criticism and judgment.

43. False.

44. True.

45. Total acceptance of the other person regardless of the behavior.

46. I'm sorry.

47. Please forgive me.

48. Both people ant to get past the issues, problems, challenges etc.

49. Both people's needs and wants are satisfied and not at the expense of the other person's.

50. Change, be more honest, share their true feelings more often, listen.

Tim Connor, CSP is an internationally renowned sales, relationship, management and leadership speaker, trainer and best selling author. Since 1981 he has given over 3500 presentations in 21 countries on a variety of sales, management and relationship topics. He is the best selling author of over 60 books including; He can be reached at, 704-895-1230 or visit his website at

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